About the UTokyo-Yale Initiative

The UTokyo Liaison Committee

The Todai Liaison Committee was appointed by the Chair of the Council on East Asian Studies(The MacMillan Center), Professor Daniel Botsman, to facilitate the ongoing work of the UTokyo-Yale Iniitiative participants and staff from UTokyo. The Committee will meet with the UTokyo faculty and staff group once or twice each semester to provide advice and information and to assist as needed in the planning of the UTokyo-Yale Initiative projects.

The members of the "UTokyo Liaison Committee" of the Council on East Asian Studies :

Committee members

Jing Tsu, Chair of the Committee, Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature and Comparative Literature
Daniel Botsman, Professor of History
Edward Kamens, Sumitomo Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature
Eric Weese, Assistant Professor of Economics
Ellen Hammond, Director, International Collections & Research Support; Head, East Asia Library.


The UTokyo-Yale Initiative
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