Yamakawa Kenjiro Memorial Lectures

The 7th Yamakawa Kenjiro Memorial Lecture (Nov 6th)

Lecturer:Professor Daeyeol Lee, Yale School of Medicine

Time & Date:November 6th, 2015  6:00~7:30p.m.

Venue:The conference room #1, 2nd floor, Administration bldg.,
The University of Tokyo Hospital

Topic: “Neural basis of strategic decision making”

Abstract: During decision making in a complex environment, humans and animals often rely on multiple complementary learning algorithms. For example, during social interactions, decision makers might choose actions simply based on their previous successes and failures, or based on the predicted actions of others. We studied the algorithms and neural mechanisms involved in combining and switching between such different learning algorithms in monkeys performing a computer-simulated competitive game. Although choices of the monkeys were largely consistent with a simple feedback-driven learning model, we also found that monkeys counter-exploited the weakness of the computer’s strategies. Switching from the use of simple heuristic learning model was reflected in the activity of individual neurons in the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, suggesting that this cortical area might be critically involved in strategic social reasoning.

Organizer:UTokyo Yale Initiative

Co-sponsor:UTokyo Institute for Diversity & Adaption of Human Mind